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Selecting Your Medicare Option

We are here to help through your Medicare Journey.  


The right Medicare plan is key

We have over 30 years of experience providing expert guidance to Arizonians transitioning to Medicare.

There’s a lot to take in and learn when you become eligible for Medicare, and lots of options to choose from. We walk you through those options and guide you through the timely process of Medicare Enrollment, helping you to select the right Medicare solution for your healthcare needs, and to avoid common, and often, costly mistakes made along the way.

We’ll personally help you add up all your costs (copays, premiums, etc.) so you can pick the best option for your healthcare needs and budget, while maximizing your Medicare benefits.

Our Medicare Plans

We assist clients in comparing, purchasing and enrolling in the following Medicare options/plans.

Replaces original Medicare and often has additional benefits such as vision, dental, hearing, gym membership, and more.

Fills in the gaps of your original Medicare coverage and pays for things like your co-pays, deductible and more.

The part of Medicare that pays for your prescriptions drugs. Plans that help protect you from high tier 1 & 2 drug costs.

Are you turning 65 in the next year?

Don’t let change roll you over. 

It’s not too soon to start learning about Medicare and how you can make sure you enroll on time to avoid common pitfalls, and sometimes costly mistakes.

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True Choice Benefits offers advice and assists Medicare recipients and individuals with Medicare enrollment, health, life and other types of insurance and financial protection plans.

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Medicare Disclaimer – Important! We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 12 of 19 organizations which offer 117 of 146 Medicare Advantage & PDP products in your area. You can always contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.   

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Medicare Part D

Prescription drug coverage offered by private carriers contract with Medicare. Because premiums vary greatly, you should carefully weigh your prescription costs against all variables of these plans. Selecting the wrong plan can wind up costing you thousands.  Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer prescription coverage as well.

Please note that you should sign up for Part D (even if you do not have prescriptions) when you first turn 65, as waiting may result in a costly monthly penalty added to your premium.

To learn more about Medicare Part D Plans and how they work, visit our Medicare Basics page.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Plans Medicare Supplement Insurance policies complement your Original Medicare Parts A and B. They cover some, if not all, of the expenses that Part A and B do not cover, like co-pays, deductibles and other charges.

There are many different types of Medicare Supplement policies available, however they are regulated so the benefits for these various policies (known as Plan A through N), are all the same regardless of the carrier. However, premiums can vary greatly among carriers.

To learn more about Medicare Supplement Plans and how they work, visit our Medicare Basics page.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private carriers and replace your original Medicare Parts A and B, as they are rolled into one plan.  You can select between an HMO or PPO, and most plans may cover more of your healthcare costs and have additional benefits, such as prescription drug coverage. Some may have dental or vision benefits. Premiums vary based on coverage, carrier and geographical location.

To learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans and how they work, visit our Medicare Basics page.