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Importance of Personal Communication in a Technical World

Technology has improved our lives in a multitude of ways, but some days it seems that it's created as many headaches as it's cured.

A mix-up with a meeting room booking today brought home the importance of personal communication. A local resort and conference center catering manager sent me a nasty-gram canceling my room reservation because I had not responded to an email he sent 3 days previously.

I had an email glitch recently, and as a consequence I had not seen the email in question.

A simple phone call asking me if I had received the email would have gotten him the information he wanted, and prevented the panic caused by the room cancellation. I would have been grateful for the call. Instead, even though the problem was resolved, I'm left with a negative impression of this catering manager and this resort.

Technology provides some wonderful tools, but they can't completely replace actual conversations. When in doubt, pick up the phone.

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