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Individual Health Insurance

The PPACA health care law includes an individual mandate tax penalty that applies to people who choose to be uninsured for more than 2 months in a calendar year. For 2015 the maximum penalty is 2% of your household income so, in addition to all of the reasons it's smart to insure yourself and your family, there has never been more motivation to purchase health coverage.

Arizonans have hundreds of plan alternatives from several insurance companies available. The cost varies by a 1:3 ratio depending on the benefit plan and insurer you choose. This means the most expensive plan available for you can be 3x the cost of the least expensive plan. There are multiple HMO networks and PPO networks to choose from as well. It's important to choose the plan and network that fit's your unique situation best. One of the most often reported complaints regarding health plans in 2014 was in reference to a member not realizing they had chosen a plan that didn't have enough doctors or medical facilities convenient to where they lived and worked. We can help you evaluate the options and make a smart choice.

You can begin your search by filling out our online quote request. You can then call Shelly at (480) 206-8294 for answers to your questions and instructions on how to apply for coverage.

The PPACA law also set up new annual open enrollment periods for individuals and families to enroll in a plan or switch to a different plan. Between these open enrollment periods you can generally only enroll in a plan if you've had a Life Changing Event that results in a Special Enrollment Period. These Events include things like losing group health coverage, moving into a new plan area, getting married or divorced, the birth or adoption of a child and others. There is only one insurance company in Arizona that will enroll individuals in a health plan between open enrollment periods without a Special Enrollment Period. We can help you understand how the rules pertain to your situation and find a plan that suits your needs.

Questions? Contact Shelly Winson at (480) 206-8294 or


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