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Disability Insurance

If you became ill or had an accident and couldn't work for a year, list three people who would pay your bills for you:

1) ___________________________

2) ___________________________

3) ___________________________

How does the list change if you can't work for 3 years, or longer?

Your best bet is to protect your family by protecting your income yourself. Disability insurance is paycheck protection. It pays a percentage of your pre-disability income if you become unable to work. You can use this money to pay your bills, keep your home and/or business, and provide for your family.

There are many different kinds of policies, designed to fit your needs and budget. For more information, please contact Shelly at (480) 206-8294 or

How likely are you to become disabled?

In any given year, the likelihood of being disabled for more than 3 months is greater than dying. (Source: Society of Actuaries)

At age 32, the chance of being disabled for 90 days is 6.5 times greater than the change of death. (Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners)

More than 51 million Americans, 18% of the population, are classified as disabled. (Source: US Census Bureau, 2008)

75% of of all disabilities are caused by illness rather than accident. (Source: Commissioner's Disability Table)

A Harvard University report reveals that 62% of all personal bankruptcies filed in the US in 2007 were due to the inability to pay for medical expenses. (Source:The American Journal of Medicine, June 4, 2009)

Every year, 350,000 personal bankruptcies are attributed to injuries and unexpected illnesses. (Source: "Illness and Injury as Contributors to Bankruptcy," Health Affairs, 2005)

Only a small fraction, 10%, of disabiling accidents and illnesses are work related. The other 90% are not, which means workers' compensation does not cover them. (Source: National Safety Council, 2008)

Protect your income, protect your lifestyle, protect your family.

For more information, please contact Shelly at (480) 206-8294 or


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