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#1 Webinar Right Now:

Will an ACO save me health care dollars?

30 Minute Webinar
Free of Charge

June Schedule:

Wednesday, June 6, 9:30 am
Wednesday, June 6, 4 pm
Thursday, June 7, 8 am
Tuesday, June 12, 11 am
Wednesday, June 13, 1 pm

Contact Shelly at (480) 206-8294 or to RSVP for a seminar.

Other Seminars Available Upon Request

My PeoplePlusCard
So Many Healthcare Choices, So LIttle Time
Health Care Reform: How to Roll With the Changes So You Don't Get Rolled Over By Them
Small Business Health Tax Care Credit - Do I Qualify?
A Common Sense Guide to Providing Excellent Service to Difficult Customers
A Common Sense Guide to Enjoying Public Speaking
Failing Forward
Heroes and Villains in the Health Care Debate

Contact Shelly at (480) 206-8294 or to request a seminar.







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